Cotton Seed Meal Grinded

Cottonseed meal is a good source of protein. Basically Cotton Seed Meal Grinder is produce from Cotton Seed Meal kernals. Most of the meal is extracted mechanically through cotton seed kernels. The flaked cottonseed kernels are put into high pressure through a screw inside a barrel which is constantly revolving. The screw pushes out the oil through the openings made in the barrel. The dry pieces left in the barrel are preserved and ground into meal. On the other hand, during the solvent extraction process, the cotton seed kernels are subjected to fine grinding by pushing them through an expander and then the solvent is used to extract most of the oil. The solvent extracted meals have a lower fat content of 0.5% than the mechanically extracted meals with a fat content of 2.0%. Cottonseed meal is considered to have more arginine than soybean meal. Cottonseed meal can be used in multiple ways: either alone or by mixing it with other plant and animal protein sources.

Cottonseed meal is palatable and commonly is used in cattle rations. In the southern and western U.S. Solvent extracted cottonseed meal is the more common of the two types and has about 89 percent of the energy value of 44 percent protein soybean meal.

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