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Cattle Feed (Mesh)

Cattle Feed (Mesh)

Pashu Ahaar is the mixture of quality grains, oil cakes/ meals, brans, molasses, minerals and vitamins, to create a highly palatable appetizer for cattles with balanced source of essential nutrients required for body maintenance, growth and milk production.

Nutritional value





Metabolic energy

2200-3500 kcal

Key Highlights of the product:

  • Rich in vitamins B complex, amino acids  and minerals which is the most important nutrients for cattle nutrition. It is the only one that normally must be added to cattle diets. It is necessary for bone development, sight, and maintenance of healthy epithelial tissues
  • It enhances milk production
  • Protect from heat stress due to De-oiled cake and grains like barley
  • Faster recoveries for calves
  • Improves fertility
  • The key ingredients of cattle feed mesh includes:
  • Grains
  • De-Oiled Rice Bran
  • Rice Polish Fine
  • Various types of broken grains and cereals
  • Molasses
  • Mineral Mixture
  • Grounded Salt
  • Vitamins
  • Oil seed extracts. Like soya, palm, sal, mustard cotton seed, shea
  • Many other agricultural ingredients.

The Brands we endorsed are :KajuKatri, KesarShri, Gopala