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Delinted Cottonseed

Delinted Cottonseed

Delinted Cottonseed is seed which has been processed by removing the lintersand all impurities. Cotton seeds are delinted using mechanical method for removing linters which usually leaves about 1-5%residual linters on the seeds.

Nutritional value





Metabolic energy

2300-3000 kcal per kg

Colour of kernels

White (non heated)

Qualities of our Delinted Cottonseeds:

  • The essential nutrients are intactduring the process of delinting.
  • Whole cottonseed has high protein (23%), high energy in the form of fat (20%), and crude fiber (24%) on a dry matter basis.
  • Our delinted cottonseeds carries high proteins and vitamins which helps cattle to remain healthy for longer period of time.


  • Vitamins are the most important nutrients for cattle nutrition. It is the one that normally must be added to cattle diets.


  • the energy (fat) content of whole cotton seed makes it a valuable addition for cows under heat stress who may have a reduced appetite.


  • Adding Delinted Cotton Seed to the diet of early-lactation dairy cows usually increases total energy intake, which often boosts milk yields.


  • Feedingapprox5kgof Delinted cotton seed per cattle per day is generally regarded as economical, effective, and safe.
  • Available in 40 kgs or 70 kgs in jute and PP bags.
  • Increases milk yield and fat in multiple ratio.
  • Our seed kernels are white (non heated) in color which enhances the cattle health and increases the milk production. The heated cotton seed reduces the health of the cattle which affects milk production.
  • Perfect blend of glucose


The yield for farmers increases as the Per unit cost is less compared to other due to more production.