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Gwar Korma

Gwar Korma

  • It is the hull part of the guar seed which is split from the seed. The hull is grounded and then roasted in natural ways without the addition of any chemicals. It is low in lignin which is good for ruminants and high in protein, dietary fiber and energy that makes it perfect to be used in animal feed. It is available in powder form and its protein content is 38%.


Key highlights :

  • It is basically the germ part of the guar seed and is obtained after the guar gum is extracted from the seeds.

  • To increase its digestibility Guar korma is toasted to make it palatable and more nutritious.

  • The roasted Guar korma is free of anti-nutritive elements, such as antitrypsin inhibitor.

  • Excellent replacement for Soybean Meal, with highest protein value and lower cost advantage.