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Maize Meal

Maize Meal

It is manufactured from fresh maize of good quality, free from foreign materials, substances hazardous to health, excessive moisture, insect damage and fungal contamination and shall comply with all relevant national food laws and standards.

The  Brands we endorse are: Narmada Maize Meal.

Nutritional value
Protein 8 %
Fat  3.0 %
Crude fiber 1.2 % maximum

Key highlights:

  • The product is rich in minerals, amino acids, vitamins and crude fibreswhichenhances the health of cattles.

  • Our product contains Maize: 99.98 % by weight.

  • It contains fat 2-2.5 %.

  • It contains protein approx. 8 %.

  • It is used as a source of metabolic energyof approx. 3300 kcal for the cattle.

  • Beneficial for poultry feeding.

  • Improves immunity status.

  • Improves metabolism.

  • Available in 50kg in Digital PP bags.