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Maize Oil Cake

Maize Oil Cake

Maize Oil Cake is very rich in nutrition and provides the cattle with the required amount of proteins and fat for their everyday diet. MOC also contains calcium, dietary fiber, and various other nutrients. It is also an excellent feed for buffalo, goat, horse and camels.

Nutritional value
Proteins 18-22%
Oil content 8-10%
Color Yellowish
Metabolic energy 2500-3000 kcal

Key highlights:

  • Our Maize oil cake also contains dietary fiber, and various other nutrients.

  •  Enhances the milk fat%.

  • Maize Cake contains higher amounts of unsaturated fatty acids which increases animal fertility.

  • Maize Cake is free from chemicals/pesticides or any additives; this helps in boosting overall health and immunity of the cattle. 

  •  It has excellent digestibility as the unrefined fiber material is only 8-10%.

  • The dietary fiber is around 80-90 %of total fibre

  • Maize oil cake is enriched with Vitamin E that is highly beneficial in the reproduction process of dairy Cattle.

  •  Maize Cake contains approximately 8 - 12% oil and 18 - 22% protein which helps in increasing the milk yield as well as boosts physical strength of cattle.

  •  Maize oil cake  improves the animal health and resistant power against the diseases.

  •  It is easily digestive with low fat and high protein value.

  •  Feeding Maize Cake increases fat level in the milk 

  •  Maize Oil Cake is Excellent feed for cow, buffalo, goat, horse and camel

  •  Available in 50kgs Digital PP bags.